Business Tenants

Most small brick-and-mortar buildings will have minimal maintenance requirements that need to be performed by the building’s tenants. They are usually required to keep the premises clean and report any damage and necessary building repairs promptly to the landlord or property maintenance company. If damage was caused by the tenant, they will be responsible to pay for the repairs.

Building Owners

Owners of commercial property or tenants who agree to fulfill all necessary maintenance obligations should compile a thorough list of regular and sporadic maintenance duties that are necessary to keep the building in a safe operating condition. Safety should be the top priority when compiling a list and should include regular inspections of walkways, fire prevention, and electrical integrity.

Maintenance Contractors

Sometimes maintenance services should be contracted out to private companies who specialize in particular services. These professionals know their business well and can suggest services that business owners and tenants may overlook. The type of services that are regularly performed by these companies include fire sprinkler repair, fire extinguisher recharge, janitorial, and window cleaning.

Doing It Yourself

Due to cost restrictions, many business owners may choose to perform maintenance duties themselves. The decision to do this should be accompanied by education and training for each of the maintenance chores they wish to fulfill. However, some maintenance services may be required to be completed and certified by licensed professionals. Contact your local city and state agencies to confirm this requirement.